All Pictures of the Conference in Istanbul

20.07.2015 Monday

20150720_120135 20150720_121253 20150720_125000 20150720_153427 DSCN0069 DSCN0079

Download and see all photos of 20th of July

21.07.2015 Tuesday

20150721_120948 DSCN0105 DSCN0153 IMG_3296 IMG_3333 IMG_3391

Download and see all photos of 21st of July

22.07.2015 Wednesday

20150722_090820 DSCN0176 DSCN0203 DSCN0219 IMG_0146 SDC14575

Download and see all photos of 22nd of July

23.07.2015 Thursday

DSCN0364 DSCN0376 IMG_3588 IMG_3626 IMG_3652 DSCN0355

Download and see all photos of 23rd of July

24.07.2015 Friday

DSCN0390 DSCN0393 DSCN0396 DSCN0407 DSCN0420 IMG_3763

Download and see all photos of 24th of July

About icfpta

The 12th International Conference on FIXED POINT THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS 2017 University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia. The purpose of the conference is to bring together leading experts and researchers in fixed point theory and to assess new developments, ideas and methods in this important and dynamic field. A special emphasis will be put on applications in related areas, as well as other sciences, such as the natural sciences, medicine, economics and engineering. The conference will continue the tradition of the previous fixed point theory meetings which were held in Marseille (1989), Halifax (1991), Seville (1995), Kazimierz Dolny (1997), Haifa (2001), Valencia (2003), Guanajuato (2005), Chiang Mai (2007), Changhua (2009), Cluj-Napoca (2012) and Istanbul (2015). Share this:
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